Radon Testing: 4 Advantages that Can’t be Overlooked

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Here at Checkmark Home Inspections LLC (CHI), we want people to buy homes knowing exactly what they are getting into! While a damaged wall or toilet that doesn’t work can be fixed, they are usually issues that will be made apparent to the homeowner with or without an inspection. Radon, however, is an odorless, invisible gas that can cause serious health concerns to the occupants of a home without them having any clues to its dangers. Radon testing is a process that should be seriously considered as part of the inspection process in any property. Here are a few reasons that just can’t be missed when it comes to radon testing.

Radon Testing: 4 Advantages that Can’t be Overlooked

  1. It’s Easy! Radon testing is a relatively easy process, especially when you are working with experienced professionals. For 3 days (on average), our equipment gathers information and keeps track of radon levels. Radon testing is easy, non-invasive and a simple way to get valuable information before moving forward.
  2. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. This invisible gas can cause irreparable harm that can be prevented through a simple radon test.
  3. Peace of Mind. If you forego radon testing, you might be subjecting yourself to both physical harm and mental stress. Always wondering if your home is dangerous in ways that you are unaware of is not beneficial for your mental or physical health!
  4. Lower Humidity Levels. Radon mitigation has a secret added benefit: it can make the lower levels of a home less humid! Additionally, this helps to keep your lower levels free of other issues like mold or mildew.

For more information about the benefits of radon testing, please give our team a call today at CHI!