How to Prepare for a Certified Home Inspection: A Seller’s Prospective

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When you are ready to list your home on the market, you might be excited, a little apprehensive, or sometimes a little of both! No matter the age or condition of your home, the majority of buyers are going to ask for a certified home inspection as part of the purchasing process. While you can disclose what repairs or improvements are made on the seller’s disclosure, a certified home inspection will still likely be done. Here are a few things that you can do to ensure that the inspection does not ruin your chances of a smooth and successful sale.

How to Prepare for a Certified Home Inspection: A Seller’s Prospective

  • Make necessary repairs. If you know that you have a toilet that always runs, a faucet that likes to drip, drip, drip or a broken window, go ahead and make those repairs before listing the property. Not only will these repairs be better for the inspection, but it will be better for showing the property as well.
  • Have your own home inspection done before listing the property. A seller’s disclosure is great for honest sellers, but they are sometimes incomplete. Showing the buyer that you had your own inspection and made necessary repairs shows that you are a responsible homeowner that cares for their property. Both of these make your property more desirable in the eyes of a buyer.
  • Keep your home clean and accessible. During a certified home inspection, your home will be inspected from top to bottom, inside and out! A home inspector needs to be able to access areas like the crawlspace, attic, roof and other areas. Make sure that these areas are accessible and for their safety and a smooth inspection.

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