4 Problems with Skipping Pre-purchase Inspections

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When it comes to buying a house, you might find yourself competing for a house that other people are also interested in. These bidding wars, as they are known, can be competitive and you will want to do most anything that give you the upper hand in order to allow you to purchase the home you love. Skipping the pre-purchase inspection might seem like a good idea at this time, but we here at Checkmark Home Inspections LLC (CHI) would urge you to not choose this route! Here are a few problems that you might encounter should you choose to skip the pre-purchase inspection.

4 Problems with Skipping Pre-purchase Inspections

  1. Costly repairs. There are very few homes out there that are perfect, and that’s okay! The real danger is in not knowing what the issues are. A pre-purchase inspection reveals the issues in a home that might be covered up with skillful cosmetic changes. In short, a pre-purchase inspection can save you loads of money!
  2. No way out. A common practice is to write a purchase offer that is contingent upon a pre-purchase inspection. Without this contingency, you might find yourself stuck with a house that has serious problems and no way out of the contract.
  3. Legal issues. A pre-purchase inspection looks at more than just if everything is working- it can also provide information about illegal wiring, building additions, and more. These issues are not only extremely expensive to fix, but they might leave you with bigger issues down the road.
  4. Insurance problems. Some insurance companies will not provide you with proper insurance if they discover certain problems, leaving you to foot the bill if there is a major problem or disaster with your home.

Here at CHI, we always recommend pre-home inspections! To learn more about this meticulous process that is to your benefit, please give us a call today.